HDMI vs analog

I have a Marantz BD8002 Blu-ray hooked to a Marantz SR8002 receiver. For now I am using my blu-ray as my cd playback. Currently I am only using my HMDI connection. The sound is very good but I am wondering if would/should experience richer playback if I was using my analog connection for cd-playback? Would the DAC process be any different/better? Any insight as to how I might tweak my setup to ensure maximum playback quality would be helpful.
Try it.To my suprise I've found that I usually prefer the sound via the analog outputs of my CD players better than the sound via digital connection(including HDMI).This has been true even with an older Denon changer and a Sony 222 ES SACD changer fed into newer High End receivers(Onkyo 905,Denon 4306 & Pioneer Elite 59 AVI) with what should be superior DACS.
Yes, try it both ways. Specifications mean almost nothing in this case. Lots going on in the receiver (like amplification that can interfere with effective DA conversion) that is not going on in the BluRay Player.