HDTV antenna

I have the Zenith C34W23 34" widescreen HDTV. My crappy cable company hasn't produced a box that transmits HD signals yet, and my apartment situation makes satellite impossible (no view of the southern skyline). Can anyone recommend an HDTV antenna that I could run into the Zenith to get over-the-air HDTV? I live in the Washington, DC area (Bethesda, MD).

Thanks all,
Thanks for the help, everyone...I'm in the process of trying to pick one up on eBay (looks like $50-$60 will do it).
There is an extensive discussion of UHF antennas on www.avsforum.com; I think, without verifying, that the antenna gurus consider the Terk to be a waste of money. My recollection was that the now discontinued (but still occasionally available) RS bowtie was considered the best, esp. if you hardwired in a 75 ohm to 300 ohm transformer right at the terminals and used shielded cable back to your HDTV box.

If you are in the DC area and want a free UHF directional, there's a new one in my garage taking up space...

Also, since the UHFs are directional, check www.antennaweb.org (I'm doing this from memory). Gives you, for a set of input coordinates, all directions and distances to the digital HDTV broadcasts in your area. Can be useful for initial set up.

hey, thanks for the link about antennas. thats very informative and even tells you when the different networks are going to offer hdtv over the air.