HDTV & current DVD players - What do WE do?

It's clear that DVD is going to be around for quite a while. So the dilemma now is how to get the most out of our standard-definition discs on the HDTVs we watch them on? Part of the answer involves video scaling, which is the process of filling in the spaces between pixels by borrowing parts of the existing pixels encoded in the DVD video. Many HDTV sets have scaling equipment built in to do this already, but oftentimes the cheap chips installed by the manufacturer are not up to the task, and leave the image looking blocky and pixelated. A good video processor can clean this up, but traditionally the decent ones cost thousands of dollars. A recent trend has seen the introduction of scaling properties into the DVD players themselves. Again, usually the better players with these features have been the most expensive, while the reasonably priced models have had a host of quality problems, especially in the area of progressive scan deinterlacing, that make them unsuitable for many discerning videophiles.

Given the above realities and impending technology shift, what do we do NOW? It doesn't appear to make sense to spend $500+ for a DVD player when HDDVD is around the corner and yet it's unacceptable to live with poor PQ on our HDTV's. Besides Oppo (good & bad reviews), who makes a high quality DVD player for under $500 that utilizes Component video? Some here have mentioned LG's most recent offering - what makes it and others better than Oppo?

Correct me if I am wrong but most DVD players in the past few years are progessive. Instead of 480 lines interlaced (480I) giving you 60 fields/30frames per second you end up with 60 full frames per second, which is 480P (progressive)
This is Enhanced Def (EDTV)
I have a Toshiba 72MX195 DLP which upscales to 1080P. It does a fair job and I am satisfied...so far!

In your post you specifically mention the Oppo Player, HDTV and component video. Here are my thoughts on this combination:

The Oppo is supposed to have the best picture quality of any DVD player ever tested by "Secrets of Home Theater" when connected via its digital output (DVI or DVI->HDMI) to an HDTV that has a digital input (DVI or HDMI). The Oppo is supposedly not great when connected via analog (component video).

Considering the Oppo cost $200 direct from Oppo and supposedly has outstanding factory support, I would simply buy the Oppo and try it if your HDTV has a digital input.

My father-in-law bought the Oppo to use with his HP MD6580N 65" DLP TV. He says it is the best DVD picture quality he has ever seen.

Of course, if your HDTV doesn't have a digital input, you should just buy a new TV! :)


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