HDTV Set Top Receiver

I have a 55" Toshiba HD Ready TV and am looking for recommendations for HD receiver and scanner/doubler to maximize my picture quality. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Rick
Rlambert: If you are looking for Satellite HDTV, go with DishNetworks new Dish 6000 system. It has the component video outputs that your TV uses, and it upconverts standard def. programming to 1080i or 720p your choice. Plus you get HBO and Showtime free on Dishnetworks system. I got mine for 499.00 and at that price there was nothing close. mrtrader
mrtrader my tv is hd ready not hdtv, I was under the impression that I had to buy a set top receiver in order to receive hd signal, such as panasonic or rca for example. will the dish you mention do the same thing. Thank you for your comments.