He spent his life building a $1 million stereo. The real cost was unfathomable.



My writing is purer than my heart, but I’m trying. 

Thanks for the kind words and well wishes. 

Best to you and yours in 2024! 

It appears that the equipment utilimately found it's way into the hands of those who do appreciate it -- at "market value". It could have been worse.  Demolition, and landfill?

Tragic about his relationship with his son.  We are all familiar with similar circumstances.  It's never easy to dig into the details.

The author presented a balanced approach to Ken's accomplishments.  Well done.

An Inspirational Story to some... a Cautionary Tale for others.

To Each Their Own...

Not sure why it is sad that he didn't  get all his money back. What do you think people get back who's hobby was drinking and  smoking?

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