Headphone cable, what do you do?

I hope it is not just me but none of the headphones I have owned over last few years have long enough cable to reach from my headphone amp to my normal listening, lounging seat.

At present I have been using a fairly cheap 20ft extension cable I purchased off eBay but upon reflection could this be degrading the sq?

Surely I am not the only one in this situation so my question is what do you do? Your solution?
After extensively perusing Audioquest website they do not appear to make ANY headphone cables apart from the ones that are sold with their own headphone series.
Interesting. Seems like a missed opportunity for them. You know, what with all their cables controlled for directionality and everything. Oh, well...
In this same situation (and believing, without ever conducting blind/ABX tests on the matter, that extra connector for an extension cord degrades the sound) I bought 15ft cord from www.stefanaudioart.com
Woo Audio 3 with NOS Mullard tubes and Senn 650 were at the ends of this cord. Sold the whole rig a few years later, remember I was surprised that resale value for the cord was very decent