Headphones and Hearing Loss


My father has significant hearing loss (he's 94). He has always loved music but hasn't been listening much these days.

Could anyone recommend the best headphones for such a person?

Any thought greatly appreciated!
+1, That's what my almost deaf grandmother used to watch TV - large over ear headphones. They were low impedance providing insanely high sound levels, but it didn't bother us since it was closed back. I don't know Momentum, but many Sennheisers are high impedance (300ohm) and open back leaking sound to surroundings.
That's very helpful. I was actually considering a pair of momentum for myself. For my father, maybe these will work well too.

He'll be listening mostly to CDs on computer (no serious audiophile set up). Classical stuff, primarily. I've heard a few on audiogon saying they weren't crazy about Sennheiser, but it sounds like they may be perfect. I'll try to demo some this week to get an idea.
Sennheisers are wonderful. I had HD580 (same drivers as HD600). Very comfy with great highs and midrange (last thing you need are bass heavy headphones) but high impedance (300ohm) made it difficult to drive to very high levels. It was also open back.
I agree with Kijanki. Sennheisers are so nice to listen too and so comfortable. I only own AKG K702's and would NOT recommend them for your father. I do however have a son with the Sennheiser 650 I believe to be the model. They are fantastic.