Headphones for iPod.

I found myself laid up for about 6 weeks due to surgery. Right before the surgery I bought an iPod and loaded up all my favorite music. I am really having fun with it, and enjoying the immediate music at any time.

I think I would like to upgrade the headphones though. I find the stock earbuds a little uncomfortable, and I am sure that I can get better quality at a decent price. What recommendations would you make in the $100-150 range? thanks.
Check out the Etymotic ER-6i (the i is for iPod) at the HeadRoom:


They'll give you $20 off the retail price of $149.
Sennheiser HD 457 - I found these the best compromise in regards of sound quality and bulkyness.
Shure EC-3 are the first in-ear 'phones I can live with (sound great too). The Ety's were way too uncomfortable... but everyone's ears are shaped differently.