Headset for Zoom

My wife suddenly needs a noise-cancelling headset to use for teaching online college classes on Zoom. (Yes, this is a coronavirus thing.) She just now asked me to recommend a headset, since I'm the audio guy, but I know absolutely nothing about this stuff. Thus, I turn to you good folk in the hope that someone can recommend something suitable. A colleague of hers had recommended a particular Senheizer USB model (I don't know the specifics), but when my wife tried to buy a pair, they were no longer available. Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this.

-- Howard

Let me know too.  I need it for tele conferencing, and what puts me off the most (in addition to the costs) are the reliability ratings. Not for Sennheiser specifically, but for all of them.

I would love to find a wireless set that worked well.
So the link I sent before is for the only closed headset I see, but they all have noise-cancelling mics, so if she's good with an open back Sennheiser, this is cheaper: