Headset for Zoom

My wife suddenly needs a noise-cancelling headset to use for teaching online college classes on Zoom. (Yes, this is a coronavirus thing.) She just now asked me to recommend a headset, since I'm the audio guy, but I know absolutely nothing about this stuff. Thus, I turn to you good folk in the hope that someone can recommend something suitable. A colleague of hers had recommended a particular Senheizer USB model (I don't know the specifics), but when my wife tried to buy a pair, they were no longer available. Thanks for any help anyone can give me on this.

-- Howard

So the link I sent before is for the only closed headset I see, but they all have noise-cancelling mics, so if she's good with an open back Sennheiser, this is cheaper:

Thanks very much, Erik. My wife ordered one of these pairs this morning. I really appreciate your help.

-- Howard

Howard, please let me know....

I'm not independently wealthy and keep hemming and hawing about buying one of those.
I'll report back once my wife has had the chance to try them out a time or three. That won't be right away, as they are set for delivery on Thursday, and she won't be doing a Zoom meeting until some point next week. But I'll definitely follow up. Thanks, again.