Hear my Cartridges....🎶

Many Forums have a 'Show your Turntables' Thread or 'Show your Cartridges' Thread but that's just 'eye-candy'.... These days, it's possible to see and HEAR your turntables/arms and cartridges via YouTube videos.
Peter Breuninger does it on his AV Showrooms Site and Michael Fremer does it with high-res digital files made from his analogue front ends.
Now Fremer claims that the 'sound' on his high-res digital files captures the complex, ephemeral nuances and differences that he hears directly from the analogue equipment in his room.
That may well be....when he plays it through the rest of his high-end setup 😎
But when I play his files through my humble iMac speakers or even worse.....my iPad speakers.....they sound no more convincing than the YouTube videos produced by Breuninger.
Of course YouTube videos struggle to capture 'soundstage' (side to side and front to back) and obviously can't reproduce the effects of the lowest octaves out of subwoofers.....but.....they can sometimes give a reasonably accurate IMPRESSION of the overall sound of a system.

With that in mind.....see if any of you can distinguish the differences between some of my vintage (and modern) cartridges.
This cartridge is the pinnacle of the Victor MM designs and has a Shibata stylus on a beryllium cantilever. Almost impossible to find these days with its original Victor stylus assembly but if you are lucky enough to do so.....be prepared to pay over US$1000.....🤪
This cartridge is down the ladder from the X1 but still has a Shibata stylus (don't know if the cantilever is beryllium?)
This cartridge was designed for 4-Channel reproduction and so has a wide frequency response 10Hz-60KHz.
Easier to find than the X1 but a lot cheaper (I got this one for US$130).
Top of the line MM cartridge from Audio Technica with Microline Stylus on Gold-Plated Boron Tube cantilever.
Expensive if you can find one....think US$1000.

I will be interested if people can hear any differences in these three vintage MM cartridges....
Then I might post some vintage MMs against vintage and MODERN LOMC cartridges.....🤗
Thanks for all that info @dover
This Glanz is a strange beast.....Haven’t experienced a cartridge quite like it before 🧐
It can change its sound whilst I’m sitting listening to it!!!??
As a consequence of the low inductance it is very sensitive to resistive loading, less sensitive to capacitive loading.
VERY sensitive is almost an understatement 🤪Also VERY sensitive to the smallest changes to VTF and VTA

I hope all this sensitivity and changeability settles down...?

Finally the Glanz seems to have run-in so that I can settle on the VTF and Loading.....
I just hope Maria has put her teeth back in.....😬

GLANZ MFG 610LX (with teeth)

GLANZ MFG 610LX Toothless 
cc @frogman 

Glanz with teeth - 

Much better now.
Marias voice is more articulated, leading edges of words are clearer, you can hear her chest cavity, more power, dynamic contrasts, tonal colours vastly better - she soars.
With regards to the orchestral presentation - much more urgency, instrumental tonal colours much much better to my ears. Woodwinds and strings to me sound much more realistic.
For me there is much less compression of sound.

Whats your view of the cartridge now ??
I like the  Glanz 610LX a lot.....

I've been thinking for a while now......🤔
You guys can detect the smallest differences between cartridges.
You can hear:-
  • Whether a MM or MC
  • Differences in Loading
  • Differences between Headshells
  • Differences between Arms
I have little doubt that if I recorded the same track with various changes to VTF and VTA....you'd be able to hear them 🤗
This is really mind-blowing stuff when you think about it...🤯
You're able to detect these differences via the limitations of the YouTube Video!!

But can you hear the differences between TURNTABLES??!!!
Of course you can....🤪
Many lovers of Belt-Drive claim they can't stand the sound of Direct-Drive 🙉
Good grief.....the entire world of High-End Audio (particularly in Great Britain in the '70s and '80s) began with the 'revolutionary' CLAIM that the 'Turntable' was the most important element of the Audio System!!!
Linn, Rega, STD, Pink Triangle, Avid, SME all swamped the turntable market and drove the 'lowly' Japanese-made Direct-Drive industry into a DJ and low-consumer-only product.
I bought my first serious Hi-Fi System in 1978 before reading any journals or doing any research.
So I bought a Technics SL-1700 with Kenwood Integrated Amp, Tuner, Tape-Deck.
As soon as I heard the sound, I was 'hooked' and delved into the world of 'AUDIO'.
In Australia at that time, there was no Stereophile or TAS (I learned later that these were 'Underground Magazines'...not available at Newsagents) but we had the British 'Hi-Fi Answers' and 'What Hi-Fi' which were very entertaining and convincing.....
After two years of reading 'only' about Linn, Rega and other Belt-Drives...I saw a Rega Planar 3 with Hadcock Arm in the Classifieds (John Russin-"Exotic Stuff Cheap") 🙏
I sold my SL-1700 to a friend at work and set up my new deck....
I was about to experience the 'High-End'....👏
As I worked my way through my modest record collection....I couldn't for the life of me, hear added detail, information or PRAT over the Technics!!!?
Was I the victim of a 'scam'....? 🤥🧐

The previous 'blind' cartridge comparison here was great fun......
Why not try it with two turntables?

TURNTABLE 1 - Belt-Drive or Direct-Drive? 
                           And WHY?
TURNTABLE 2 - Belt-Drive or Direct-Drive?
                           And WHY?
TURNTABLE 3 - Belt-Drive or Direct-Drive?
                           And WHY?
TURNTABLE 4 - Belt-Drive or Direct-Drive? 
Not so easy........? 🤔

I remember years ago, when I stated on another Audio Forum that I couldn't be confident of picking the difference between my Belt-Drive Raven and my Direct-Drive TT-101 in a 'blindfold' test....I was derided as being 'clotheared' 🦻!!!
This Test, not only contrasts different turntables....but different arms and cartridges!!!!
There MUST be 'differences'??!!

Yet no-one can hear them....🤔
What does that say about Audio Reviewers who can prattle on about the differences between a turntable they happen to be currently testing, and others that are no longer in their listening room?
They're doing it from MEMORY!!!!! 🤥

So don't give me this drivel about 'attack' and 'sustain' and 'drive' when comparing turntables, tonearms and cartridges.
Especially when you're doing it from 'aural' memory 🤪

We're such a gullible lot when comes to 'unprovable' subjective opinions proffered with 'authority' or 'superiority'.....😳