Heard any good hybrid amps lately?

A better name for the thread should be "called off on the account of lack of interest".

More and more mfrs. are coming out with hybrid amps (CJ, AR, Moscode, Aesthetix, etc.) so there's definitely a market out there however it doesn't seem to generate much interest with 'Goners (very little discussion in the threads I have seen). That topic could be another thread but I would like someone (anyone) to chime in on impressions they have had and provide some feedback (hopefully including some comparisions).

Im going to try and find a local dealer for the Aesthetix in the Boston area.
The Lamm M1.2 hybrid mono blocks are pricey, but wonderful, especially with the right NOS 6922 varients.
The Tom Evans Linear series, Pathos TT, Tube Distinctions Soul series, Lamm ML-1 are hybrids that I have had and think are excellent
My only experience is with the Aesthetix Atlas and an older Counterpoint, many years ago.

The Counterpoint sounded great when it worked. It had serious reliability issues. It drove my NHT 3.3's really well and brought out the best in them. After the Counterpoint I moved on to tubes for 10 years. Primarily a set of Quicksilver V4's, another great amp.

The Atlas may be the finest amplifier I have ever heard. I used tube amps for years before the Atlas. Now I cannot imagine using any other amp. In fact, since having it in my system I stopped reading anything related to audio, websites, magazines, etc., and just concentrate on listening to music. I am only on here today because I have a few items for sale and wanted to check on someone's feedback.

IMHO, the Atlas truly combines the best of SS and Tube designs and serves the music well.

Good Luck on your search.

BTW, there is an Atlas for sale on this website at a great price right now. I have no affliation with the seller or with Aesthetix, I am just an extremely happy owner.