Heard the Computer Audio Design GC1

 Ground control unit.  It's a holy cow are you kidding me moment.  I was told bout the unit by a bunch of my computer audio friends.  One of my favorite audio stores, Audio Connection in NJ is one of the few dealers in the US.  Johnny Rutan was telling me about the ground control units when he auditioned them and said they make a big difference in sound and not just a small one.  

All I'm going to say is that it's a must listen to product. I think it comes with a money back guarantee, but I'm not sure if that holds true in the US.  For those who follow the CAD company in the UK, knows how good their products are.  Grounding is so important and I'm going to be getting one of these CG1 units as it's better than what I've heard from Nordost and a couple of other companies.  Yes it's that good in all areas. 

when you lower the noise floor you just get much better sound in any system.  This is one of the best usages of money into most any priced system.  JMHO, but worth checking out.

Thanks for sharing.  Where did you purchase it?  I know they only have a small group of trained dealers.
I had a demo unit for a while. While it was good, I found that the Entreq and/or my DIY versions to be better.

Just get in touch with CAD via their website - they'll either direct you to a dealer or will offer direct.