Heard the Margo Timmons solo release?

Margo Timmons - The Ty Tyrfu Sessions - Just found this on Qobuz - apparently streaming only.

Great interpretations of great songs - beautifully sung over simple arrangements. The recording quality is superb. Margo always gets my blood flowing.


I do not stream and this stinks as I have been a fan of her a well as the Cowboy Junkies for almost 30 years. The Cowboy Junkies last album is also only available through streaming .......I hope that they put their new music on vinyl or CD's for the rest of us. It has to be due to production costs I would think. Sad .....       

Margo is on Tidal as well. Haunting and scintillating. Excellent sound quality. Neal


Is it possible to purchase the files as hi-res and then burn to a CD? Does anyone know if they are available as non-MP3 files for purchase?

(I also do not stream)

Just added this to my Amazon Music library and played it out on my deck. Excellent mix of songs and her voice is still as beautiful as ever. I had the pleasure of seeing the Cowboy Junkies in concert at the Paramount theatre here in Seattle back in the early 90’s. This brings back those memories.