Hearing aids

Every audiophile over 55 should get hearing aids....

OK.  that's a bit strong but many should.  Several years ago I had money left over in my Healthcare spending account.  I asked my doctor if there was any new cure for tinnitis and he sent me to an audiologist because there are now hearing aids that claim to help.  Well, long story short, they gave me a set of loaners and I immediately noticed a difference in noisy environments such as restuarants and I bought myself a pair.  They did not help the tinnitis for me.   My hearing isn't that bad.  I have some frequencies that are depressed but I'd say there are probably 20-40% of the people I know near my age (64) who have worse hearing and don't wear hearing aids.  I think of it like my eyes.  If you have 20/60 eyes, you get glasses.  Why do people wait until they have 20/500 hearing to get hearing aids?

Then I started noticing that music sounded better and started getting back into listening.  Since then I've bought a lot of equipment and am having a blast.  I'm sure my hearing isn't as good as it was when I was 20, but at 20 I couldn't afford audiophile equipment either.

Occasionally after a shower I'll find my system to sound bland and realize I don't have the hearing aids in.  But generally I wear them all day, every day.  Because I want to hear all the notes.

So a quality pair of hearing aids very much flattens the frequency response of your ears and does it in very high quality.  Don't go cheap. Don't worry what people will think when they see hearing aids (appparently a barrier to some).  But I highly recommend it as you get older and you want to get the most out of listening.




I have them, and use them in restaurants, or when I'm around people.  I DON"T use them to listen to music or esp. when I go to concerts.  I can't get past the idea that they are just some of the cheapest crappiest speakers you could have.  Why would you put that between you and a symphony?  or in front of an audio system costing thousands of dollars?   (I am of course only speaking of moderate, i.e., normal hearing loss.  I am also only talking about what works for me psychologically, not what everyone 'should' do.)

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My hearing falls drops @7Khz 

Severe tinnitus too. Everyone should get their hearing checked. No hearing aids for me-yet. Fortunately, doesn't affect listening enjoyment.