Hearing aids for audiophiles.

I’ve chosen to walk away from the sirens, horns, gunshots heading both directions, and all the damage it’s done (doing) to my hearing.  Through the miracle of hearing aids I’d like to bring back my hearing as close as possible to my youth mostly for the purposes of accurate and full tonal musical listening, and then, of course, to hear the voices of my loved ones better.  To those of you who’ve gone down this road, what are recommended brands and non-recommended brands, as well as any pitfalls to be aware of?  Costs and sizes are factors also.  Thanks,
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@anotherbob, spend some time reading at


Be sure to study "Community/Hearing Loss Forum" and visit the DIY pages.

If there is Costco in your country it should be your first stop. There is only a small

number of manufactures but many many brands to confuse the prospect.

I have on order from Costco Rexton bicore custom ITE aids.  Hearing aid hardware/ software priority is for speech recognition with programs to turn on and off features. I do not know how mine will sound on a music program.  The audiologist is very important for analysis and HA setup.

Delightful conversation!  I've recently gone down two paths since I have significant high freq loss (3 audiology tests over 10 years) and decades of tinnitus.  1) an OTC hearing aid (Jabra) which works but is a bit of a black box in terms of hearing "accurate" audio/music and 2) a miniDSP SHD that I'm using to tune my room to MY TASTES in how I like to hear.  The former is a cheap way to improve my audio universe but dosen't quite get me to music nirvana.  The latter is for me and me alonie...I don't care if it's "accurate", I care if it gives me music pleasure. It's been a slow slog thru the digital EQ world but hey, this audiophile stuff is not a team sport.