Hearing aids for audiophiles?

Is there such a thing? I have hesitated getting them for music listening reasons. I manage ok in everyday situations but I know outside of listening to music they would benefit me. I have, in my opinion, a beautiful system that I throughly enjoy.  Sure I could get the aids for day to day hearing other than music but taking them out for music I fear would provide un enjoyable results.

What are your thoughts and experiences 
I think that advice is a little too late for the OP.
Was addressing to currently unaffected. And don’t smoke tobacco. Those tiny blood vessels feeding you auditory nerves don't react well to poisons of any kind.
Too many MDs here, what you guys are doing here is similar to scolding the COPDer in respiratory distress for his nicotine addiction instead of sedation and intubation:)

For those of you that use hearing aids for day to day use... What effect does it have on your music listening  when you take them out. Does the music become veiled, muted, dull?

Here is a little test. While listening  cup your hands behind your ears . . Note what happens to the sound. Then take your hands away and hear the difference. . My wife says there is no difference to her,  but there is a definite difference for me. More highs with my hands behind my ears. 
i have had Hearing aids  fior several years...it has greatly helped in increasing my music enjoyment...I have Top model Oticon and use music program program software....the key is finding an good Audiologist who will work with you in fitting and programing your aids!Modern mics and digital platforms in current generation Hearing aids when programed and fitted properly provide amazing clarity,depth,focus and even give back ability to pick up  subtle cues like decay, stage cues ,localization Etc
hope this helps