Hearing is believing?........power cables.......

For anyone who is skeptical about the difference a high quality power cord can make in your high quality audio system........try it.......hearing is believing. About 10 years ago when I bought my first "entry level" hifi system (B&K amp/preamp, Canton speakers) my audio advisor dropped off a Tara Labs Prism power cord. He said just try it for a week and if you don't think it makes a difference just return it. I, like most unfamiliar with high quality cables, was skeptical.......how could a cable 1 meter long from the wall to my equipment make a difference? I put it on the power amp and yes I could definitely tell there was a more defined bass and overall clearer soundscape. I'm a musicians, so I figured maybe the "non audiophile" can't hear the difference. So my brother-in-law who is a bricklayer came over and we did a blind listening test. I randomly switched the Tara, sometimes trying to fool him......told him I switched but didn't........he could tell every time I used the Tara! So I was convinced that it was "wishful thinking on my part or particularly sensitive ears. If you don't think a great power cable can make a difference........take the challenge. Try one for a week and see (hear) for yourself!

No need to worry about end of the world BS with regard to man-made climate change. I studied Atmospheric Physics in college. I understand the scientific principles and the physics very well and there is actually no cause for concern. Sadly there are a lot of unfounded extremist claims from many fund seeking fraudulent pseudo-scientists, NGO's, UN and especially enviro nuts. Practically anyone can make a prediction or extrapolate poor quality data and claim the sky is falling and unfortunately it has become very much du jour.

If you research it, you will find the claimed 98% consensus is a totally fabricated number by ONE researcher - it has been quoted endlessly by the proponents of catastrophe.
It is still snowing in Colorado.  They have had 3 feet of snow this month.  May!  Yep....global warming.
It’s actually 98.1% consensus LOL!

Fake data to create fake industries ... a scam that makes Bernie Madoff proud.

All the best!
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