Hearing loss. How much do you care about your ability to hear?

Partly inspired by stories such as Huey Lewis tour cancellation due to hearing loss and my own admission I had to get tested and now wear hearing aids.
Much discussion is made about equipment, room acoustics, wiring and noise. But how about your ability to hear well? Do you ever think about it? How much have you done for your own hearing health?
Also, how much do YOU think this affects your ability to evaluate quality sound?
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My hearing has been affected by high level headphone use in my earlier years. Nothing too serious, but it has affected my high frequency discernment. Audiologist testing said I was OK, but I disagree. I know I have a slight degradation in one of my ears.
Now, I listen at low to mid volume and try to preserve what I still have left.
Nice to know I am not the only old guy losing his hearing. haha. Most everyone should get a hearing test. That is like the “last line” audio component in the chain....of critical importance.
One thing I’ve always tried to do was to protect my hearing. I’ll be hitting the big Eight-0 in two months. There’s no doubt that I don’t hear like I did at 20. However, my granddaughter is a speech pathologist and she has commented about how good my hearing is just by her observing how I hear during low level conversations. She said my hearing for my age is really beyond the norm. I have a problem with ambient noise though ... like when trying to follow a conversation in a crowded restaurant for example. I seem to be the designated hearing aid for my older friends. They always look at me and say ... "What did he say?" Or "What was that again?" :-)


@oregonpapa , glad to "hear" that, that's great!
My theory is that most of us (audiophiles) have, or have had, better than average hearing.
Happy early birthday!

Considering how human life expectancies have increased from 40 to 60 to 90's. I feel that all the +55's out there should accept some degradation in our sensory range, let alone our hair...