Heart- Little Queen Friday Music LP

I just purchased the remaster from Friday Music and IMHO it is quite good. I just wanted to pass my experience to anyone considering a purchase of this remaster.
Qdrone: I should have mentioned that since the two BS lps I was comparing were the same thickness, I did not adjust tonearm height either. The VTA is always a consideration that I'm well aware of and I have burnt into my memory on how to adjust per thickness of varying lps.
Bjbcab:I assume since you are the OP here, you either wanted affirmation of your experience or recommendations. This would be the time for you, IMO, to seek out a WLP copy and purchase the Music On Vinyl copy for your own comparison and knowledge. This is THE only/best way to gain knowledge for yourself regarding future purchases.

Have you ever had the experience of hearing the very first note after putting on an lp and, just from that one second, being blown away at how the music explodes from the speakers? This may be what you'll experience from the WLP.
I wasn'tlooking for anything four years ago when I posted, I was simply sharing an experience for anyone that cared. While I understand your points I am not sure that I could embrace your suggestion for every record I purchase because it would cost too much. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also, congratulations for the highest ratio of posts by one poster to total posts in a single thread. :-)
Bjbcab: I'll take your congratulations as a positive comment. Thanks for making me realize my post was to a (4) year old comment. (I really did not notice that) My passion is all things audio. I'm starting to realize that even though I replied to a "four year old post", that you are still interested in it? Also, I take this hobby , apparently, more seriously than most. I have a deep passion for it. I hope you and others will, at some point, come to appreciate this. I'm so sorry, that I have upset your life in this way!
Just curious,... If I'd had made all of my comments above, into (one) single post, would that have affected you so deeply, in the same way?

(If you didn't really want any responses, you really shouldn't have posted to begin with).