Heavy duty amp stand, Sonic benefits?

Does an amplifier benefit from a sturdy well-built amplifier rack?

I'm trying to decide whether to buy a new amplifier rack. The one I have is kind of a light weight material made of plastic composite. I am looking at one rack that was made of steel and weighs about 100 pounds, name of the company is sound anchor. Looks like a nicely made amp.

I'm wondering how an amplifier benefits from resting on a Quality built rack or does it really matter?


Yes, and well isolated from your main rack. I use a mapleshade custom 4in thick maple wood amp stand with spiked footers for my 114lb McIntosh MC 500 and it serves it well.

You all are going to think I am crazy. I have a cabinet (cherry and walnut if you think it matters) to house all of my components and have been using it for years. Some time ago someone mentioned using silicone lab-bottle stoppers to isolate components. I bought some, they were cheap, maybe $20 for a bag full from Amazon. But I never got around to trying them. Until recently. I put three under each amp. Wow! The difference was unmistakable. Much more depth and subtlety. I added them to the rest of my components, but can't say I noticed a difference there. It could be because my amps are on the bottom shelf, perhaps 6 inches from the floor, and I am assuming they are subject to more low frequency vibration because of their location. Or perhaps these amps (AGD Tempo) are more susceptible to vibration. No idea, but for me this works. I mentioned it to an audiophile friend who uses a completely different type of amp. His reply a week later was "It works!"


Keeping vibration from all of your electronics is beneficial, especially tube equipment, but wether  you can hear the difference is another story.  For me, with my equipment, I could not hear a difference, but I put Isoacoustics Gaia feet on my speakers and it made a huge difference!

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Yes, and well isolated from your main rack.

+1 excellent point! 

moving the amp out of the main rack either onto the floor or an amp stand always resulted in improvement in my system. More room to breathe for the amp and less interference with other components, that’s what drives the improvement.