Heavy duty amp stand, Sonic benefits?

Does an amplifier benefit from a sturdy well-built amplifier rack?

I'm trying to decide whether to buy a new amplifier rack. The one I have is kind of a light weight material made of plastic composite. I am looking at one rack that was made of steel and weighs about 100 pounds, name of the company is sound anchor. Looks like a nicely made amp.

I'm wondering how an amplifier benefits from resting on a Quality built rack or does it really matter?


When I get my system photo ready I will post it, however I am pretty intimidated which adds to delay.


Exactly, rubber stoppers. I bet that is where it all started. Then out cam vibrapods with different flexibility for different weights, and half spheres… creating dozens of products… I’m sure besting the stoppers by a bit. Then came more designs of multiple materials and springs. Mark, you probably got the most cost effective one. 

@ghdprentice These are silicone, but I know rubber is kind of a generic term. I was using springs and ISO Acoustics pucks. Silicone stoppers out performed them by a good margin. The only thing I can think of is 1.5 inch x 3 of silicone provided more dampening to the cabinet. Just guessing. It is really all a mystery to me.

I use iso acoustic footers for my subwoofer feet which makes a lot of sense since it vibrates things on tables, the feet absorption helps quite a bit.

I can feel the base of my system in my chest acoustically. Seems like the better system you have the more you need to keep equipment in another room. But then again studios often use powered speakers (amps inside the speakers, a very violent environment). Always confused having an expensive record player in the same room as big speakers, doesn't the vibration of the speakers affect the cartridge directly?