Heavy speakers: How to be able to reposition?

I suppose this is an odd question but, here goes...

Perhaps unlike other audiophiles, I play with speaker positioning occasionally. I have a pair of Acoustat 1+1s which are very sensitive to room placement. The upside to that sensitivity is I can easily play with the sound stage they present. And as they are easily moved, I do so every few months to enjoy a wider or narrower, more intimate stage. It's rather fun actually.

In a very few years however, my wife and I will be moving into our retirement home. There I will have exclusive use of an appropriate sized room for my audio salon where I can install my pop's B&W Matrix 800's. Weighing in at almost 250lbs each moving them around seems rather daunting to me.

What do people with heavy transducers do to facilitate moving them around?

I know, you're wondering why I'm thinking about this now. It's simple really. Being retired I can start thinking about details like this now so I don't have to then! I'm already working on my rack design, electrical, etc. so when the time comes, I can hit the ground running. 😉 Thanks!

Happy listening.


One way is to place them on a small mat or carpet. The you slide the mat /rug/ carpet.

You can hire movers.

You can also get a set of furnisher movers or sliders. You lever up an edge of the speaker and place a slider at each corner, then you can slide the speaker around. 

Use of sliders seconded. Herbie's sells similar threaded glides that may fit your speakers, too.

+1 Herbie’s Gliders.  These get consistently high marks by users, which IME is relatively rare for “tweak” products.  Plus they’re only like $150 for a set of eight, which is a pittance compared to other effective products out there, and I believe they offer a 60-day trial so why the hell not?


+2 for Herbies gliders. Used them on some 150lb speakers and very easy to move around.