HEDD Phones

Hi all,

Has anybody had experience with HEDD phones? Here's mine; I recently purchased a set of the HEDDphone on extreme discount. These 'phones sound like no other in my experience. The imaging and air are certainly present, but in a very different way. The detail is there also, but again the whole aural presentation is just stunning in just how different it sounds. I was seriously considering keeping these. I am not a proponent of the ever elusive "End Game" principal, as this is a hobby and learning process. But the HEDD phones had me considering making them exclusive. I had problems with the adjustment mechanism. Really a crummy design that tends to slip. In the end the right side post came completely loose pulled out. I returned them.

But I miss them. I miss the unique staging and detail they provide. The reviews, in general go from positive to raving about them. I want to go ahead and buy them again. I am so tempted to once again hear the magical soundscape the HEDD phones give to the listener. So, I am torn. Perhaps hearing from others will nudge me one way or another. Thanks for listening and sharing.


Well, in browsing I punched in HEDDphone & found a pair on a site called Mercari. I was completely unaware of Mercari.

The seller was asking 385.00.

$385.00!! Free shipping!!

Needless to say I made the purchase. Seems like it was destiny.