Hegel comparison

I have the opportunity to buy either a Hegel 390 or 590.  Pricing to be negotiated, and there are no dealerships anywhere in my region that would allow me to hear either one before making a decision.

Does anybody have an opinion, based on live auditioning, re: the relative sonic profiles of these two products?

Thanks for any opinions based on first-hand experience.




So you're saying that after many hours of A-B'ing, you thought that the Ayre DAC was the best you heard, at least at a halfway similar price point?  And that you'd rank the Hegel only slightly below the Ayre?

Of course, a lot depends on associated equipment, power, and room, but what you say is consistent with much of what I've heard from other users who have gone out & actively auditioned DACs.


Ayre had a bit more open 'stage and a bit more top octave energy without sounding bright while the H590 just has a solid grip on everything. thr h360 was a little less in control that could be better with some music than other. I consider Hegel int's good value for the money. Avanti the p20 is a pre amp, you probably meant the H20.