Hegel finally Roon Ready! Yippeeee :) !!

a happy (if perhaps bittersweet) moment and p-s-a for hegel integrateds owners

if you don’t know already --- after a looooooooong a wait, hegel is now delivering roon readiness to its otherwise awesome integrateds via firmware update... for now the h120 and h190 get it, the bigger bros will get their updates shortly to run roon straight from its lan input... (older models such as the h90 h160 h360 rost cannot get this roon update due to their older processors onboard...)

man, they have been saying this would be coming for soooo long -- at least 3 years -- but for those who hung in, finally we get it, and it is done right

hegel is such a good, no nonsense engineering company, guys with serious skills and also great ears, but this roon readiness thing has been a black eye for some time, to which many here will attest

but now, running my h190 from roon core streaming qbz/tdl (via uptone regen) driving maggie 1.7i’s... for about ~6-7 grand of gear (at smart, used prices) this is kust an incredibly, exceptionally high level of sound quality...

btw - no affiliation here to hegel, maggie or any brand mentioned, just one super happy music lover right about now 😁🙏😍

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