Hegel H300

Anyone familiar with this integrated amp or had a chance to hear it at the RMAF this year?

I would be very interested in any comments.

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Hello there, the equipment I have right now is oppo 105 connected to my vintage Technics Su- G95 integrated amp/receiver,speakers I have Technics SB-A55,also I have HSU-VTF 15H Sub.i have researched a lot and finally reached to buy a integrated amp one of the following, Hegel H300 or Music Fidelity m6500i and Modwright KWI 200.so what amp should I buy,will really appreciate suggestions.will be waiting for some advises.
Everyone still loving their H300s? I'll be placing an order for one tomorrow. I'm trusting that all the praise here is warranted because I've never even seen one in person. But I do know that Hegel does a lot of their research and development with my speakers, the Amphion Argon7Ls so I know there must be some synergy. What are you all using for front ends? I think I'm going to get a NAD M50. Anyone running a laptop into the H300 with USB and having great results?
Hello folks, any further updates on the Hegel H300 after time and further run in?

Is this amplifier strictly neutral in tonality or does it swing into sweetness as suggested by the TAS review (referenced above)?

Is the amp a bit soft as in not as incisive as leading integrated amplifiers in the US$5k to 10k bracket?

How would the Hegel compare to the Ayre AcousticsÂ’ AX-5 or the Simaudio Moon Evolution 600i or the Jeff Rowland Continuum S2? Any opinions?

I just loaned Hegel H80 (rated 75 watts per channel at 8 ohms.)
Sound fantastic with my Quads ESL 63 loudspeakers, may be even better (at half price)than Luxman L-505ux integrated amp.I returned luxman to the dealer because of hum noise heard in stage headphone, something you can not expect in such good brand. I can't think how good my speakers will sound powered by H300(my local dealer do not stock H300). The dealer has a set up (H80) with Magneplanar 1.7 speakers. Impressive sound.You don't need Audio Research to drive them to excellent result.
I tried the Hegel H300 recently and think it may be the best amp I've heard in my system.
There is a better than 50% chance I will trade in my Modwright to get one.

But an interesting anomaly that I'm not quite sure what to think of.
Hegel's website, and every review I've seen, say the amp weighs 55 lbs.
When I picked it up I thought "there is no way this thing is 55lbs", so I put on the accurate shipping scale at work.
Just under 43 lbs.
Trivial perhaps, and it's the sound that matters, but it has me wondering about the accuracy of the specs on their website.