Hegel H360 or H590 or Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0 for Magico A3

I recently heard the Magico A3s and really liked them. The dealer said they are often combined with the Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0 at shows. After a lot of searching on Google, I can't find any pictures or reference to this combination. However, I did find a number of references to the A3s being combined with Hegel amps, including by Alon Wolf who said it would be a very good combination and led the author of the article to speculate that the A3s may have been "voiced" by Magici using the Hegel H360. I have not yet been able to listen to the A3s with either the Hegel H360 or H590 or the Constellation amp. I would be interested in everyone's thoughts as to the best integrated amplifier for the A3s for $13,500 (the price of the Constellation amp) or less.
@Jackd. I'm on the East Coast. I had heard of the Aesthetix Mimas integrated before your post. I have a problem with the heat generated by tube equipment because it must go inside a console  without a lot of ventilation, so the Aesthetix probably will not work for me. However, I bet it's a damn good amp. I have always liked Aesthetix amps and preamps. 

I will keep looking for an Audia dealer on the East Coast.
The distributor who also has a B&M store is in Boston. Give Paul a call. Easiest way to reach him is on his cell phone. Tell him I referred you.

The T+A PA3100HV is awesome. We are selling our Demo unit. We also have a PA3000HV that's sealed by factory. It's been checked and gone through. It was used by the International Sales Rep tor T+A sparingly.
Thanks, jackd. I will be in Boston on business for several days next week and will try to visit the audio shop. 

@smer319. I agree. Unfortunately, the demo 3100 still is beyond my price range. I will consider the 3000. Thank you for your post and offer.

I was concerned about the demo T+A 3000. Good price, but no factory warranty. Pass....