Hegel H360 or H590 or Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0 for Magico A3

I recently heard the Magico A3s and really liked them. The dealer said they are often combined with the Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0 at shows. After a lot of searching on Google, I can't find any pictures or reference to this combination. However, I did find a number of references to the A3s being combined with Hegel amps, including by Alon Wolf who said it would be a very good combination and led the author of the article to speculate that the A3s may have been "voiced" by Magici using the Hegel H360. I have not yet been able to listen to the A3s with either the Hegel H360 or H590 or the Constellation amp. I would be interested in everyone's thoughts as to the best integrated amplifier for the A3s for $13,500 (the price of the Constellation amp) or less.
@tangramca  Yes, the performance/price ratio of a used H360 is hard to beat.  I sold my H360 for $3k last month to a very happy individual.  The H590 will be $12k retail, and it has to be significantly better than H360 to justify the high price.  Anyway, I do think Hegel has very good products. 
@dguitarnut, how would you describe the difference between Diablo 120 and 360 sonically?  Obviously they share the same Gryphon house sound.  Although the 120 should have no trouble driving most speakers out there, my assumption is that the extra power from the 300 should give more resolution, clarity, dynamics, and sound stage to the music.
@jackd  Unfortunately, AI had to cancel my trip to Boston. Maybe I can reschedule sometime soon.

I agree with the value proposition of a used Hegel 360. At $12k, the Hegel 590 is more than the Gryphon Diablo 120 and Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0.  However, I would love to do a side by side comparison....
...the only "sound" difference I heard between the HEGEL 590 and 360 was..............my wallet SCREAMING buy the 360 !