hegel h80 or rotel 1570

Sorry for any confusion.But could I get some feedback on whether to go for the Hegel h80 or the
Rotel ra 1570 integrated amps for the same money. To drive a pair of Tannoy xt6f’s ?
 If this is confusing in any way I apologize. I'm sleep deprived and have chronic pain. Music seems to help.
So any help regarding the amps would really be greatly appreciated .
             Thank you all so much. Music is a godsend . 
Hegel would likely be the better choice of the two.
A different design emphasis.
MO the Hegel ’sound’ is quite good.
Though I do not have first hand knowledge of the RA 1570.
At 90 db Sensitivity the H80 might work very well for you.
Check out the link for a Review of the H80

If you want to get the Rotel integrated amp, you should get the RA-1592 ($2500). The RA-1592 is a big step up sonically from the RA-1570. I didn't like the RA-1570. 

I've never listened to any Hegel products before but always heard great things about their products. Heard from other people that even their entry level integrated amps are quite good. 

Generally, Rotel and Hegel aren't on the same leagues sonically and price wise. Sonically, Hegel is a clear step up from Rotel but quite a bit more expensive than Rotel too. Except maybe Hegel's entry level integrated such as the H80 would be on the same league as the Rotel RA-1570 or Rotel A14. 

Besides the Rotel and Hegel I highly recommend the following integrateds :  
* Parasound Halo Integrated of the new HINT6 ($2500 & $3k).
* Classe Sigma 2200i stereo integrated amp ($5500).
* Rega Elicit-R analog integrated (no DAC/digital inputs) $3k. 
* Naim Uniti Nova ($7500). It is basically a streamer/DAC/integrated amp all in one box. Superb sound, highly musical. Highly recommended. 
* NAD M32. 
* Some Simaudio Neo-Moon integrated.

You might like to check out an Australian company, Redgum Audio which makes some very well made & musical sounding integrated amplifiers. I got to hear their products at the recent Australian International Hifi show in Melbourne & was impressed. They punch well above their weight and sound much better than they have any right to at their price point. And best of all, with the low Aussie dollar against the USD, US pricing should be competitive. According to their website, there is a US Distributor also - https://www.redgumaudio.com/ Just thought i’d throw that in!