Hegel HD20 DAC-Has anyone heard it?


How would you describe the Sound of the Hegel Dac?
I just invested in an Hegel HD25 (latest 32 bit DAC that precedes the HD20)

It's one of the most fascinating piece of equipment i heard of late, i had to have it even though i have another superdac which costs 4 times more, the sound of the HD25 is extremely warm and tube like, i am using this with the HiFace 2 from a MAC, but will be soon using it with the better HiFace Evo coupled with the dual chasis optional Evo Battery Supply from M2Tech which will also feed my Superdac Vaughan.

If i had a retirement system in mind, definitely will go with the Hegel+Harbeth Combination, just makes music and does nothing wrong, very unassuming
combination that really delivers.

In Fact, I've already put my Pass Labs XA60.5 Monos on sale and am keen on getting Hegel H30 Power Amp (though class A/B - Sounds More like Pure A) - to my ears, better than Pass anytime.
The Goodarcher,

Why don't you use the Hegel HD25 direct into your Mac? Why use the hiFace?

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A client who is an experienced recording engineer, now involved in mastering in LA, just published his experience with the Hegel HD20 at

HiFiQC Blog

I use a Hegel HD20 as a DAC and preamp to a Mark Levinson N0.331. Speakers: System Audio Explorer Master.
Great sound, deep sound stage, great with live recordings, specially jazz, blues.
Well i had the Hiface from my previous set up - yes you are right unlike other DACS which will need the hiface because of bad USB implementation - the HD25 seem to be just fine without it...but still i still have a weak spot for M2Tech..i've since retained their DAC + HiFace combo, i guess i will still to this two set up as my core DACS..Hegel for Computer and M2Tech for Cd Transport..