Hegel Separates vs Integrated amp

Can anyone comment on the following- an H200 integrated amp vs. a P20 preamp and H20 power amp.

Both are rated at 200 WPC at 8 ohms and 350 WPC at 4 ohms.

Does the H200 have a true pre-amp section or is it just a passive line section going through a high gain amp section?
Comparing the H200's amp section, on paper, it appears awfully similar to the H20
I don't know the specifics of the Hegel's construction but the integrated sounds superb.
I personally use both an integrated and separates by different manufacturers. The only reason for the separates was to use some of the best amps I had ever heard and to employ a 6SN7 based pre amp.
I've heard both the H200 and the H20 with a separate pre-amp(not the Hegel). Although the H200 was good, the H20 is a keeper amp. Just powerful and smooth. If you could spring for it I would go with separates. Another consideration is the Hegel H300 integrated. I've never heard it, but it got outstanding reviews.