(Hegel vs Luxman) vs PS Audio

Can anyone help me. Looking at Possibly moving from my PS Audio ( BHK Monoblocks and Pre) to Luxman C900 and M10 Amps (monoblocks)or to Hegel 30a amps (monoblocks) and Conductor Preamp [latest versions]. What are the differences in sound amongst these house combinations. 


@krymer2 I can't compare the Hegel sound against the other two amps as I have not heard them.  Hegel states their mission is to add nothing to the sound with their amps and I suggest they hit the mark.  I have owned the H390, H590 and not the H30s.  I also own a pair of TRX-M845 tube mono blocks from Triode Audio of Japan.  50 Watts per side Class A.  I struggle to hear any difference in sound between the H30 and the Triode.  I have read reviews of the H30 that claimed the sound was close to tube amps.  The reviewers words.  I don't know that you achieve much be changing your amps.  PS makes good equipment and I've never really bought into the whole idea that one SS amp has a "sound" that's different from another amp of similar power and build quality.  

I’m selling my Hegel H30 monoblocks and P30 pre to buy a pair of Plinius Ref A-300. They are wonderful with my Magico A5’s. I just like changing things up periodically. 

You have spent more than enough to achieve great sound.

Before wasting anymore $ on gear, work the room around via GIK

or trying other setup orientations in the room.


Read what Bob Katz says about Audio Veros Acourate digital room and loudspeaker correction. For around $500 you can do some amazing things.


Keep us posted on the outcomes please.