(Hegel vs Luxman) vs PS Audio

Can anyone help me. Looking at Possibly moving from my PS Audio ( BHK Monoblocks and Pre) to Luxman C900 and M10 Amps (monoblocks)or to Hegel 30a amps (monoblocks) and Conductor Preamp [latest versions]. What are the differences in sound amongst these house combinations. 


I’m selling my Hegel H30 monoblocks and P30 pre to buy a pair of Plinius Ref A-300. They are wonderful with my Magico A5’s. I just like changing things up periodically. 

You have spent more than enough to achieve great sound.

Before wasting anymore $ on gear, work the room around via GIK

or trying other setup orientations in the room.


Read what Bob Katz says about Audio Veros Acourate digital room and loudspeaker correction. For around $500 you can do some amazing things.


Keep us posted on the outcomes please.

I as other have said think if you are pretty happy then changing for change sake is not the right answer. I'm lucky in that I have a music lounge setup just for hifi 7mx5mx3.2m acoustically treated a bit ...side points ...corner bass traps and rear panels ... 3 thick rugs on top of each other etc  .. I did nothing to roof as lovely victorian cornicing and ceiling rose .... 

Everytime I think of changing I make myself pause now.is it just an itch to scratch or is something wrong? It sounds like so much is right with the system that apart from speaker position tweaks I would hang fire .... Have a holiday instead probably cheaper and that will refresh ears in a new way. 

Just my tuppence worth 

I have no experience with Hegel, but have owned the BHKs and moved to the m900u.  Initially i was disappointed with the bass on the Luxman, relative to the BHKs.  But over time I've come to think that the BHKs bass, while deep and present, was less precise or a bit muddied.  Again, relative to the Luxman.  I'd still like a bit more bass, and the M10x addresses this.  In all other regards, the Luxman, to my ear, out performs the BHKs.  Detail in spades while remaining liquid, a light, airy upper end and an almost tube like treble.  Not to mention soundstage, build quality and aesthetics.