Heist/ crime songs

Just listened to Charlie Robisons “desperate times” great heist gone wrong song , right up there with “the road goes on forever “ I can’t really think of any popular or rock for that matter crime tunes. They’re all Americana or country .?


See link below 

Possible songs for a Tarantino heist movie

Eileen Rodgers - Treasure of Your Love 

Lee Hazelwood - Some Velvet Morning

Boogie Joe the Grinder - Quincy Jones

The Fly - David Axelrod

Money Runner - Quincy Jones





Well if "raping the universe" is a crime then i vote for


Supertramp-Crime Of The Century

Offshore Banking Business, by The Members.

1979, UK.  Protest about tax havens.

Offshore Banking Business - The Members - YouTube


I Shot the Sheriff?

Drifter's Escape?

Percy's Song?