HELP ADVICE FEEDBACK PS Audio BHK 300 - Hegel H30 - Pass Labs X250.8 or Pass X350.5 amp

HELP ADVICE - FEEDBACK - PS Audio BHK 300's or Hegel H30 or Pass Labs X250.8 or keep my current Pass Labs X350.5 - Considering amp options

There is a strong PS Audio sale going on right now and a dealer just reached out to me from a conversation we were  having a couple weeks ago when I was looking to change my preamp.

I ended up trading my BAT VK-32SE preamp for Mark Levinson No.326s preamp.

All that said it has me considering doing an amp change also but I must admit I really like my currant amp the Pass Labs X350.5 amp but you know how it is. If I can upgrade then I would like to do just that. 

ANY FEEDBACK - THOUGHTS - IDEAS would be so appreciated.

I am in the middle of total system re-fit and have made many changes - I am sure too many but I am quite happy now but this PS Audio sale has peaked my interest. It has lead me to really considering the Hegel to be honest. That is the direction I am thinking and would love some feedback.  

Can you guys provide any feedback about any of these. I like to hear from you guys. I read all the reviews on all of these are all well and good but I always get the real ho-down low-down from you guys - good or bad.

                                                ** Back Ground info**

** Room is
14 x 24 w/Cathedral Ceilings - 16 Foot a peak

** Music likes:
Assorted Music no metal or loud hard rock anymore really - not much Large Scale classical either but everything else.

** Likes / Priority:
Transparency - Delicate - Linear - High resolution - microscope but not sterile not etched or lifeless - I know there is a fine Line here but I'm looking to walk the line as close as I can - real see through into the music - transparent to the source because I love my DAC - extended and to remove as many layers without being clinical - image and sound stage lover - tight bass - hate flab - like speed and transparency but needs to be musical.

** Perspective
Just traded my BAT VK-32SE brand new tubes / certified pre-owned, mint same as new preamp. Wrong match. Just looking to go total other way. Not what I was looking for. The Mark Levinson No.326s preamp is the newest addition to land on next Wednesday.

** More Perspective - I have been running my Bricasti Direct M1SE to my Pass Labs X350.5 amps and really starting to love it. I want to expand on this sound a bit. Little more depth, width of stage, bass, dynamics but don't want to add veils or give up a lot in transparency - I know I will give up some vs direct in doing so. That was why I was looking for the very best SS preamp I could get in my price range via trade and cash.That was why I landed on the Levinson but we shall see how all the pares out. 

I wanted some feedback on these amps.

I have heard the Hegel and with Magico speakers and loved it. Not in my system but it was the H30 and Magico S5 Speakers and the same Kubula-Sosna Emotion speaker cables and I loved it. Obviously tons of other variables, room, source, IC's PC's but I did get to hear it and absolutely loved it.

Wasn't really even looking at changing my amp and not sure i will but that PS Audo BHK offer peaked my interest so these are the amp options I am considering and would love any and all feedback. 

I get there are a lot of changes and probably too many but it is what it is so please I understand that. 


Magico S5 Loud Speakers

Bricasti M1 Special Edition DSD DAC

Pass Labs X350.5 Balanced Stereo Amplifier

Mark Levinson No.326s Preamp

PS Audio P10 Power Plant Regenerator

Kubala-Sosna Emotion 2.5M Speaker Cables

Nordost Heimdall 2 Balanced XLR Interconnects 

Assorted premium PC's for clean power

Digital PC based front end that I have been tweaking and evolving:

Transport: microRendu 1.4 and Full Suite of UpTone Audio Premium Power Supplies (2)x LPS-1 and (1) JS2 LPS - (2) Regens - the new ISO and an Amber and all powered with premium/custom Canare / Oyide DC cables for all power supplies plus the great Tellurium Q Black Diamond Reference USB cable and a Curious Regen Link USB Cable.  

Really appreciate any help you can provide on these amps. If you would like more info please let me know - all comments and feedback are most welcome and deeply appreciated :)

Thanks guys/gals

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My advice is get a Pass 250.8 or 350.8 as they both would sound wonderful with Magico  i know as i had Magico Mini 2s and Magico Q3s.I know of at least 2 other Audiophiles with Magico and Pass. As far as Hegel goes there were at least 2 here at around $7500.00 used I'm sure you saw them.You now own wonderful speakers i also advise copper speaker cables such as Furutech top of the line and copper power cords as well.Well good luck on your Audiophile journey.
Hey Guys - wanted to share with you my most recent project and review for my network media player:

Bricasti M1 - M5 - M12: Network Player - My REVIEW w/OEM Response Brian Zolner @ Bricasti

What is the recommended amp, from the ones above, with the wisdom of having been able to compare for the last 4-5 years. Now people have had time to really osten and also account for long term reliability and other factors.