Hi guys, need help. They offered me to buy a Barco 800 and Electrohome marquee 8000. Anyone can tell me differences between them in terms of video quality ( I know tech specs of both)? Moreover,they have about 9000 and 7000 hours of use on tubes. What does this mean in terms of quality? Can they still work great? How much they are worth? thanks,
I looked into that Barco 800. Spec wise its a real bargain, but my reason for not buying was that it only accepts RGB inputs, not Component inputs which is what all the current HT controllers and highend dvd players will output. You will need to buy and RGB=> Component converter. I don't know if there will be noise and/or resolution problems with that. And, of course, you will need more cables.
it needs to be line doubled any way witch will give you RGB. that is a lot of hours. a crt should go 10-to 12000 hours before retubing. both crts might have burns. i would say unless you can pick either unit up for less than 500 bucks leave them. i would rather have a barco but have never seen an electrohome.