HELP...Bubble Wrap Marks in PIANO BLACK Speakers??

I just purchased a pair of Piano Black speakers here on Audiogon. I received them today (9/12/06) nicely packed and carefully wrapped with bubble wrap. As I unpacked & unraveled the bubble wrap from each speaker, I noticed the bubble wrap left round shaped dot marks on the Piano Black finish of each speaker. It is not something that can be felt with the finger, so I thought it would wash off easily.

I tried cleaning with water, Windex & Orange BLAST Auto/Shop degreaser. Nothing worked. Then I tried Liquid Glass auto polish and Zymol cleaner wax. Still, I can't remove the bubble wrap markings. I even tried 70% rubbing alcohol in a tiny back corner. That did not work either.

I'm getting a bit nervous now, since these speakers were stored several months in this wrapping and they're all covered with the marks like leopard spots. I don't know if the marks will come out now, or how the Seller will respond to this. He is aware of the marks, but not that I can't get them out. I'd really like to remove the marks and to keep the speakers. Does anyone have suggestions for a cleaner for this?
Bug and tar remover takes out a lot of tough things I also have used auto rubbing compound to remove marks, again try in the back or bottom first.
You might have to use an actual car buffer, the rotating wheel with some speed and use a good amount of polish carefull not to burn the finish or if there is a clear coat. But basically by hand sounds like you will not have the pressure or speed to remove, I am no expert but it fixes pretty good swirls and scraps in a mercedes benz finish and since you already have a screwed up finish it can't hurt if you do it carefully not to damage.

Are the speakers new? or have they been recently refinished.
Was this the original finish? Contact the manufacturer .
Can you find what type of finish is it i.e. thermoplastic (nitrocellulose or acrylic) or urethane.

Is the finish hard enough if you pressure it with a fingernail does it get marked?

Do you know if this was on the speakers before you acquired them?

If thermoplastic you can carefully heat one of the spots with a hair drier to see if the mark disminishes. CAREFUL you can cause harm if overheat try in a not that visible spot like the speakers back near the floor side.

Possible options are 1- polish them off 2- refinish the speaker . your comments
This may be of no relevance, but...

My Verdier Platine TT is piano black, and when I had the armboard drilled, we used a paper towel wrapped around the armboard to protect it while we were using a vise and drill press.

Soon as we removed the armboard, we noticed that there were marks on the armboard corresponding to the small bumps on the paper towel. These could not be felt or polished out, but the next day they were all gone. It seems the piano finish as used on the Verdier table tends to absorb moisture from items contacting it, and given a chance to air dry, the moisture evaporated from the finish.

You might want to carefully try a hair drier on low heat to see if it has any effect.

Hope this is your problem.
I have wrapped my piano black Apogee speakers twice in plastic wrap in the past(when purchased used from audiogon member & house remodel) with no problems. The plastic does leave a temporary swirl like mark in a few spots but after a cleaning with Windex there look like new! I think the bubble wrap might have had some sort of residue on it that left the permanent marks on the speakers. What brand/model are they? VMPS RM40? Good luck!