help choosing a turn table

good evening,

I will be purchasing my first turn table..  it will be for a second system using a Lyngdorf TDA 1120 combined with a pair of monitor audio gold 100 speakers .  Budget is preferably < 2k and ideally < $1,500..  music to be played is likely classic rock, 80 s music, maybe some alternative.. want detailed sound that is not fatiguing .. appreciate everyone’s input thanks 


If you buy, or have an integrated (or preamp) with a phono stage it makes things a bit easier. The Rega Planar 3 is a good start, plus saves a bit of money for a phono stage and interconnects. 2k goes REALLY quick in a TT setup.


"for a second system"

do you already have a TT in 1st system?

IOW, is this a 'toes in the world of vinyl' first experience (may find out vinyl is not for you)

or do you know you will stick with vinyl?

So the Lyngdorf has a phono stage so I don’t have to have a TT with one.. would that change suggestions ?  

The technics is a good idea, but I always recommend Rega with a rega cartridge for newbies. You just bolt in the cartridge with their 3-point mount and then you don’t have to think about anything like alignment, rake angle, whatever.  If you don’t have a dealer, you will have to set the tracking force and antiskate, but that’s easy. 
the only thing is- do you have a stable place for it?  Get a half glass of water and put it where you plan to put the table and move around normally. If the water wobbles a lot, you really can’t put a turntable there.