help choosing a turn table

good evening,

I will be purchasing my first turn table..  it will be for a second system using a Lyngdorf TDA 1120 combined with a pair of monitor audio gold 100 speakers .  Budget is preferably < 2k and ideally < $1,500..  music to be played is likely classic rock, 80 s music, maybe some alternative.. want detailed sound that is not fatiguing .. appreciate everyone’s input thanks 


I was looking for a new turntable. They Rega Planar 3 is at the top of my list.  And yes I’m a newbie to vinyl… to make you all laugh.. it’s actually my wife that wants it !!😂



@rbgator94 Search up ground problems with Rega turntables before you commit, I had a devil of a time tracking down the ground problem with my P6 , good luck.

thanks for all the advice..  the table will be on a stable shelf.. I’d prefer something relatively easy to use and reliable yet sounds good..  unlikely to tinker with it to much except perhaps for some upgrades of phono cartridge in the future or arm🤷🏻‍♂️..



Having been through the turntable / vinyl process over the past decade, I don't know that I would necessarily recommend it. . .but if you must, I would start with a Rega P3, or so.  However, the sound quality at these prices will never come close to matching a CD player or streaming (from what I hear).  I would suggest improving your digital end, until you are ready to drop $10,000 for a decent vinyl set up.  

Of course, you can get into vinyl much cheaper, and if you want to do so just for kicks, then have fun, and perhaps start with a Rega, but realize that the sound quality of the vinyl will always sound inferior to digital at these prices. . . but it is more fun to drop a needle on a record, instead of pressing PLAY on a remote. 

Enjoy the journey!

Just make sure your cartridge is compatible with the phono stage of the Lyngdorf. Moving magnet vs. moving coil.