help choosing a turn table

good evening,

I will be purchasing my first turn table..  it will be for a second system using a Lyngdorf TDA 1120 combined with a pair of monitor audio gold 100 speakers .  Budget is preferably < 2k and ideally < $1,500..  music to be played is likely classic rock, 80 s music, maybe some alternative.. want detailed sound that is not fatiguing .. appreciate everyone’s input thanks 

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I just received this message! This REGA looks like it should fit the bill!


What a bargain! The Rega Planar 3 50th Anniversary turntable is a remarkable combination of a Rega Planar 3 with walnut wood finish, add the NEO power supply, add the Reference Belt, and add the Rega Exact phono cartridge all in one package. At only $1695, it’s a bargain and a swift seller. These are only available until December 31st and until stock runs out. There are not many left so if you are interested, it’s better to grab one sooner than later! Order here: