help choosing a turn table

good evening,

I will be purchasing my first turn table..  it will be for a second system using a Lyngdorf TDA 1120 combined with a pair of monitor audio gold 100 speakers .  Budget is preferably < 2k and ideally < $1,500..  music to be played is likely classic rock, 80 s music, maybe some alternative.. want detailed sound that is not fatiguing .. appreciate everyone’s input thanks 


Both you and your wife are ’newbies’ to vinyl.

considering that many try and do not stick with vinyl, I recommend a more modest start. If you get hooked, then move up after you have learned more and researched more.

keep or sell the ’starter’ TT.

This is my recommended ’starter’ TT. Get it level, plug it in, play! I had one for years, then 'moved up', gave the AT120 to a friend.;hvdev=c&amp;hvlocphy=9003512&amp;hvnetw=g&amp;hvqmt=e&amp;hvrand=15945738807677775323&amp;hvtargid=kwd-21681376952&amp;hydadcr=20167_9665940&amp;keywords=audio+technica+at+lp120+usb&amp;qid=1700229271&amp;sr=8-1-spons&amp;sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&amp;psc=1

It comes with a cartridge body (VM95) that allows easy upgrading of the stylus tip.

with several ’good, better, best’ interchangeable stylus options. Simply pull the existing stylus out, push the alternate stylus in.

It comes with an ’elliptical’ stylus shape.

After a short time, IF you like it, then I recommend you change the stylus to this one:

the difference is: the stylus tip is Microlinear which will have more contact surface with the grooves, and last longer than other shapes.

read about stylus shapes here to get the general idea (scroll down to the diagrams):

final point: cartridges have to be critically aligned. the factory does that to the AT120/VM95 combo before shipping. When changing only the stylus, the VM95 body does not need to be re-aligned, the new stylus simply pushes into the aligned cartridge body.

Best of luck with Vinyl Nirvana!

I had Rega....don't like it. Get one with auto lift when the record is over....thank me later.

really appreciate everyone’s advice..  after reading some reviews, and considering everyone’s advice, I decided to go with the Rega 3 50th anniversary TT..  


warm regards and happy listening 👍🏼

Rega turntables are the most overrated and underperforming turntables.  Used VPI is the best in your price range.  


You know, I have to agree with that. I have owned Rega, and have friends with Rega and I have owned VPI… I agree. You will get solidity, dead quiet, and a deeper soundstage with VPI, minus a little bit of what is called liveliness… which I remain unsure of it being a positive attribute.