Help chosing an integated amp

I would like a lil advise or comments on two integrated amps. I am looking at two inparticular. The Musical Fidelity M6Si500 used or a new Kinki Audio EX M1. I am aware of the fact one is Chinese made and comes with those disadvantages. 

I am powering Von Schweikert VR4JR speakers with an average 6 ohm rating.

I like the MF as it provides massive head room and has a good long standing reputation. 

I like the Kinki as it is a bit newer technology and has the ability to roll op amps.

Both are availible at the same price. 

Previous amps used were   2 X Spectron Musician III with V-cap/Bybee running in bridged mono and pre was a Joule Elextra La150 MKII SE. 

I want a single box solution and may ad an external DAC at some point.

Thanks for any suggestions or comments!


we have a huge selection of integrated amplifiers 


the unison research hybrids are very magical

so is the krell k300i 

the coda csib is a very unique amplifier it can be switched from a 150 watt class ab  amplifier all the way to a 400 watt class ab amplifier the amount of class A power goes up or down depending on the bias setting


the coda csib is an incredible deal the amplifier is exactly the same .8 amplifier which sells for nearly the same amount of money as the integrated so it is like getting a free preamp 

Dave and Troy

Audio intellect nj

dealer for unison,krell, codaand many other integrateds.

Everyone is going to recommend what they found worked for them. I’ll tell you with no reservation that you HAVE to try the product with your speakers to know if the specific synergy is there. I, like you try to buy used so I can take my time listening with the option of reselling with little or no loss. USAM has no seller fees btw. I tried 5 or 6 different amp/pre-int’s on my speakers and 1 int specifically made the speakers wake up and sound great! When those speakers got old and I replaced them the int that was so magical with the last speakers didn’t have the same effect on the new speakers.

Of your 2 options I would def expect the mufi to be the safe choice because they have a good rep, are more likely to make you happy and if not should resell pretty quick if the synergy isn't there. What speakers are you driving?

A late friend had these speakers with Prima Luna tube amps and wow they sounded glorious.

I highly recommend you also consider tubes with them. Id really bet a hybrid with tubes in the front end and SS in the output would by wonderful with them and easy to live with.

@jjss49 MF is sold by Focal Naim America. Service is out of Quebec.

@scp if you want a MF M6SI in black, contact me.

Rogue Audio Pharaoh 2 with NOS 12AU7’s will get you close to what’s achievable for less than $5k. Great phono stage as a bonus. Add a good DAC/streamer and you are there.