Help chosing an integated amp

I would like a lil advise or comments on two integrated amps. I am looking at two inparticular. The Musical Fidelity M6Si500 used or a new Kinki Audio EX M1. I am aware of the fact one is Chinese made and comes with those disadvantages. 

I am powering Von Schweikert VR4JR speakers with an average 6 ohm rating.

I like the MF as it provides massive head room and has a good long standing reputation. 

I like the Kinki as it is a bit newer technology and has the ability to roll op amps.

Both are availible at the same price. 

Previous amps used were   2 X Spectron Musician III with V-cap/Bybee running in bridged mono and pre was a Joule Elextra La150 MKII SE. 

I want a single box solution and may ad an external DAC at some point.

Thanks for any suggestions or comments!


A late friend had these speakers with Prima Luna tube amps and wow they sounded glorious.

I highly recommend you also consider tubes with them. Id really bet a hybrid with tubes in the front end and SS in the output would by wonderful with them and easy to live with.

@jjss49 MF is sold by Focal Naim America. Service is out of Quebec.

@scp if you want a MF M6SI in black, contact me.

Rogue Audio Pharaoh 2 with NOS 12AU7’s will get you close to what’s achievable for less than $5k. Great phono stage as a bonus. Add a good DAC/streamer and you are there. 

I will once again note that years after it's introduction, the STR remains on Stereophile's class A recommended list.