Help Connecting Computer To 2-Channel Rig For Video

Ok this will be easy for most of you folks, but for me….

 I have a pretty good 2-channel system with a separate DAC that can function as a network streamer for audio.

I have an el-cheapo projector that has an HDMI input along with a cheap pull down screen.

 I have an OPPO 95 DVD player and I use that quite merrily to watch concert DVDs on the projector system, digital output from the OPPO to a dCS DAC.

What I want to be able to do is watch live streamed TV on the projector system in much the same way as I do with DVDs. This includes services such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

I can watch everything okay on my MacBook Pro, so I suppose I am looking for a way to connect that to the system, with video on the projector and audio to the DAC.

My OPPO 95 doesn’t have an HDMI input, I don’t think. I believe the next later model does. So my current thinking is that I either need to pick up a later model OPPO with HDMI input on the front, or go to Walmart and buy something similar??

But then…. Someone threw a wrench into my thinking by saying I would have issues with voice syncing if I went down this route? (HDMI out from a MacBook to OPPO > HDMI from OPPO to Projector > digital output from OPPO to DAC).


Can someone please suggest the best way to expand my system so I can watch streaming TV services on the projector with audio through the main rig?

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to spend more than about $500 or so.




Unless you search used OPPO is no more. Not enough info about your main system. Does your Pre or receiver have to old 3 wire AVI input?

It’s all 2-channel gear, no receiver or AV. 
I just ordered an Apple TV box and a HDMI splitter with audio out. I’m not 100% sure it’s what I need but I will find out soon enough :)


Most tvs have stero outs although it is often only optical out.  Run that to your dac