Help Connecting Computer To 2-Channel Rig For Video

Ok this will be easy for most of you folks, but for me….

 I have a pretty good 2-channel system with a separate DAC that can function as a network streamer for audio.

I have an el-cheapo projector that has an HDMI input along with a cheap pull down screen.

 I have an OPPO 95 DVD player and I use that quite merrily to watch concert DVDs on the projector system, digital output from the OPPO to a dCS DAC.

What I want to be able to do is watch live streamed TV on the projector system in much the same way as I do with DVDs. This includes services such as Netflix, YouTube, etc.

I can watch everything okay on my MacBook Pro, so I suppose I am looking for a way to connect that to the system, with video on the projector and audio to the DAC.

My OPPO 95 doesn’t have an HDMI input, I don’t think. I believe the next later model does. So my current thinking is that I either need to pick up a later model OPPO with HDMI input on the front, or go to Walmart and buy something similar??

But then…. Someone threw a wrench into my thinking by saying I would have issues with voice syncing if I went down this route? (HDMI out from a MacBook to OPPO > HDMI from OPPO to Projector > digital output from OPPO to DAC).


Can someone please suggest the best way to expand my system so I can watch streaming TV services on the projector with audio through the main rig?

Any help would be appreciated. I don’t want to spend more than about $500 or so.




It’s all 2-channel gear, no receiver or AV. 
I just ordered an Apple TV box and a HDMI splitter with audio out. I’m not 100% sure it’s what I need but I will find out soon enough :)


Most tvs have stero outs although it is often only optical out.  Run that to your dac

Then it is easy except for the notorious ground loops. Use the line or headphone out from your pc to stereo.

You may need to get into the pcs settings to select audio out if it defaults to hdmi for audio

Get a Smart BluRay Player, has built-in access to netflix, youtube, many services. bluray to projector, done.

BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Player with 4K Upscaling and Wi/Fi for Streaming Video

they make wireless and wired ones, do your research

I like wired, have a cable from Verizon router in the basement to a switch near my Home Theater: switches have ethernet in/4 ethernet out, IF you get a bluray player with ethernet in.

Or, get a bluray that receives the wireless signal from the router. Weak signal from primary router, add a router near your Home Theater rather than a switch, then the wireless signal from that router will be strong, for the bluray and anything else using wireless.

No need for computer to select streaming sources, and you either play a DVD or stream, using one remote control!!!!