Help DPS turntable bearing oil needed


I have a DPS 3 turntable that requires some silicon oil. I am from Australia and to my amazement the so called distributor does not stock any, nor was he willing to order any for me! I also have tried Soundscape in singapore, he also does not stock any as well.

So i tried emailing Willi from DPS directly. He responded that it will cost $$$ euros. I emailed him back( 4 times) for him to provide preferred method of payment. Its been 8 days and not a response back!!!

Ayre in the US do not have an email contact address so i cant contact them.

I cant believe how hard it is to obtain this stuff!!! I am willing to pay for it, yet no-one stocks it and the manufacturer does not respond.

Please help

So help me guys.
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Thanks Guys.

Willi from Dps got back to me today. Hope to get the oil by next week.
Willi at DPS has been incredible helpful in all conversations I had with him. I got to choose my Walnut base from the batch of 10 he finished at the time. I also picked up an extra syringe of silicon oil and a belt when getting my Schroeder No.2fw arm from Willi.

I would talk to Willi about the Australian distributor -they really should have extra oil in stock.
Hi Restock.

How long does the belt last for? How do you know when it needs replacing?

I must of gotten one of the last DPS turntables in Australia because the guy who sold it to me had an extra bearing and an extra uncut acrylic armboard.