Help finishing sound room w/ Vandy 5a

I was wondering if I could summon your opinions on carpeting a suspended wood floor in this 23 x 12 dedicated audio abode. Is there any truth to all wool carpet being sonically superior to nylon.... I went to the carpet store today and they had a good evenly dense (not too thick) pad but the wool carpet starts at $2400 bucks. This is around 50 % more than a good quality dense nylon rug. I also am considering laying down 1/8 or 1/4 inch ( I have to confirm exact thickness) machined metal under the pad where the Vandys will sit on. Thanks in advance for all your help and enjoy the music.
The last time I spoke to Richard Vandersteen on the subject, he was hot on Berber carpeting (which is wool), so maybe it's all true.

Anyway, here is a web site with description and image:

In my experience, wool is no better sonically than nylon. Several years ago, when I had a small, easily tranportable system, my friend and I did a test. We set up the system in my nylon-carpeted room and listened. Then we took the system to his similarly proportioned and outfitted room, but with wool carpet. Granted, it's far from scientific, but we heard absolutely no difference. IMO, get a plush nylon carpet with a nice, thick pad and save yourself a ton of money. Several audiophile friends of mine have had the same experience. FWIW.
I would run partial tile or hard woods and the rest carpet. Wool would be my choice only because I prefer it to nylon. Sonically you cannot tell a difference.
How about a nice big Kilim wool rug from central Asia over a conventional nylon carpet? Don't know about the sound but the great looks will do wonders for the psychoacoustics.

Plus, the trip to Bukara to pick one up at a reasonable price will add a new perspective to that nice, quiet, comfortable, clean safe audio room.
Thanks for your responses, I think the good quality (karastan brand ) nylon will be the best option only because it saves me a good chunk of change. I am not going to go too thick (plush) because I still want the clearance (Clarence) between the downfiring Woofer and the rug. I am leaning against the wood floor / area rug combo only because I have read wall to wall is superior for most audio applications. My room to me is a little live and I may be better off w/ it a little more damped.
I am not going to go too thick (plush) because I still want
the clearance (Clarence) between the downfiring Woofer and the rug.small>

Room for Clarence?

You don't have that much space, this place is huge.

I have 5As - a great product IMO.

Just want to confirm your decision to save $ on carpet. You may want to spend the diff on stiffining the floor, treating side wall first reflection points or adding bass traps (I use Realtraps Mini Traps - I have no connection with them).

BTW My carpet is a low profile loop (burber like) commercial grade nylor or poly-something picked by our decorator. Looks good, low cost and will last for ever.