Help for Mark Levinson 31 Transport

Hello all you goners. I need a little help. I don't seem to have the transport screws that went in the bottom of my Mark Levinson #31 Transport. I had my dealer call levinson and they don't know the size and they are out of stock. Does anyone know what size screw this is? Lenght, pitch, threadcount. Anything would be helpful.

You're telling me that Levinson/Madrigal doesn't know the size of the transit screws for one of their own products? If that's true it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and would certainly make me think twice about buying Levinson gear.

If they don't know the size, how do they know that they're out of stock? Did they just say "Our company has no screws whatsoever. We've decided to sunset the screw technology. We've gone completely screwless. We feel the very idea of a screw is an idea whose time has come and gone. Some people still like screws, and that's fine. But we're not living in the past here at Harman International."

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. When I finished laughing I would ask to speak to that person's boss.

I'm still laughing right now.
Your dealer sounds a little confused (actually a lot confused, maybe he wants to sell you something new?). I would call Harman Specialty Group directly. I just received a new transport screw strap mechanism a few months ago. Jamie Cohen is head of service there and is one of the most helpful,informative
audio-engineers you could ever hope to meet and would never give you an answer like that. I'm sure if you start by contacting Richard below you'll get your problem solved.
Richard Krehmeyer
Senior Technical Support Representative
Customer Support Technical Services
Harman Specialty Group
781 280 0300
I would call directly and ask for Richard or anyone else in Mark Levinson service. HSG has a group of audiophiles/engineers devoted to providing service for Levinson electronics, revamping the current line, and develping new products that maintain and enhance the Levinson name.
I know there were some concerns during the transition of the company as things were sorted out, but I would not hesitate to buy Mark Levinson equipment today either new or aftermarket on Audiogon.
Hope this helps,
Thanks for the reply and contact information. I am not sure what happened to the screws. I have known my dealer for many years and believe him. He told me that he was transferred several times and the guy he talked to did not know the size of the screw and that they were currently out of stock and it would take a few months to get one if I wanted one. I was hoping someone would know the size so that I could simply go to a hardware store and buy a couple.

Thanks again for the contact info. I think I will call them directly and see if I can get a couple of screws.