HELP! Large speakers fell over during shipping.

Bought a pair of Dali Euphonia MS5 speakers. They must have fallen over during shipping. They were upside down on the pallet when they got to my house. 155Lbs for each box.
My question is, what could have happened internally? Could drivers be harmed? Crossovers? I refused delivery, but now the seller wants them re-delivered so the insurance agent can look them over. I never took them out of the (destroyed) boxes, but now I’ll have a chance to, and check them out. What should I look for (even if they still sound good)?
Are you sure the seller didn't accidentally ship them upside down?  Not sure how they could flip over when packed on a pallet.  ( or do you think they fell off the pallet and the shipping company put them back on the pallet? ) 

If there's no cosmetic issues with the cabinets, I bet you will be ok.  But you will want to figure out if you can get replacement boxes in case you ever want to sell them on your end.

Nope I had shipper send photos before, just in case this happened. He even wrapped them together in shipping cellophane (which had been removed by the time they reached me).
DON’T EVER USE ESTES SHIPPING COMPANY!!! I paid $800 just for the shipping. At least the seller bought insurance.
Typically, the speaker will be suspended within the crate.  If they experienced a violent impact the woofer cones could be damaged as the magnets have quite a bit of mass.